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The 3 Crucial Components You Need To Grow Your Local Business Using The Internet

1. A compelling OFFER - position yourself as the local experts and tell them why you are different

2. A cost-effective way to get ATTENTION and VISIBILITY locally using many different digital tools & strategies

3. Once seen on the Internet, the ability to MOTIVATE these interested people to TAKE ACTION and begin a relationship with you


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I completely understand that getting to grips with Internet Marketing in Ware for your local business can be summed up in one word...COMPLEX. It takes time to really understand how to put all this together, to track and measure your results whilst also constantly testing new approaches. Finding the time to implement all of this together with working out the 'techie' stuff are probably your toughest obstacles.

This site was created to give you real help when it comes to visibility and exposure locally on the Internet so each week check my blog or my Facebook Fan Page for tips, strategies, reviews, etc. It may mean just implementing the basics such as setting up your Google+ local Page, moving your website listing further up the rankings.Perhaps you are conscious of your reputation online and want to ensure a robust system for collecting positive reviews or want to invest money to buy targeted visitors to your website.


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